Surfulater enables you to publish your Knowledge Bases so that anyone can view them with just a Web Browser. The published Knowledge Base or WebKB can be uploaded to a Web Server so they are accessible by anyone with an Internet connection or they can be viewed on a PC by directly accessing the published files from your Web Browser.

You can view a copy of the example Knowledge Base we published a while ago now by clicking here. This has been tested with Opera V10.6, Google Chrome V5.0.375.99, Internet Explorer V8 and Firefox V3.6.3. Older versions of these Browsers should also work.

Certain Web Browsers impose security restrictions on accessing files on your PC, specifically Google Chrome and IE8. This prevents you from using these Web Browsers to view Surfulater WebKB's located on your PC. Instead use either Firefox or Opera. In IE8 turning on Compatibility View does enable local WebKB's to be viewed, so if that is the only Browser available, this may be a work-around.

We may be able to provide a solution to these Chrome & IE8 security restrictions in a future release.

Another option for sharing your Knowledge Bases is to use our Surfulater Free Reader. This delivers far more capabilities than a WebKB does.

If you don't have access to a Web Server to publish WebKB's to, we can look into providing this service for you. Contact us if this is of interest.