You can force Surfulater to re-install the Surfulater Firefox Extension as follows.

  1. Close Surfulater
  2. Close Firefox
  3. In Windows Explorer open the following folder.
    • For Windows XP this is the C:\Documents and Settings\ [User Account] \Application Data\SAIG\Surfulater
    • For Vista and Windows 7 it is Desktop\ [User Account] \AppData\Roaming\SAIG\Surfulater

    Note that [User Account] is the Windows account name you are currently logged in to. If you can't see this folder in Windows Explorer, use Tools|Folder Options|View and turn on Hidden files and folders|Show hidden files and folders.

  4. Delete the Firefox Extension Folder.
  5. Start Firefox and then Close it again.
  6. Restart Surfulater then restart Firefox.

The Firefox Extension will now have been re-installed.

If that doesn't work download the Extension below and then drag it from Windows Explorer on to the Address Bar in Firefox.