We've spent a bit of time seeing if the current Firefox Extension can be updated and have run into multiple issues.  We are now developing our new application Clibu (see below)  which replaces Surfulater and as such we can't devote any more resources to this. We will have a Firefox Extension for Clibu available soon. There is one for Chrome already.

You can continue to capture content from Firefox and any other Application using the Surfulater Hotkeys, New Article from Clipboard and Append Clipboard to Article. See View | Preferences in Surfulater.

To continue using the Firefox Extension the only option is roll back to an earlier version of Firefox. 

Our new product Clibu makes information accessible wherever you are, on any device. Add notes, tag them, share and collaborate, quickly find content again and do so much more with Clibu. Signup now for free. Your feedback would be very helpful in guiding Clibu forward.