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A dumb Forum thing

 WHen I view a post in the forum, at the bottom of it, there is a blue-colored

"Do you like this idea"

I clicked on it, assuming that I would next be given the choice of selecting YES or NO.

Instead, it changes to

"You like this idea"

(and if you now point mouse cursor at that text, then another blue-text appears "Unlike this"

And, WHAT HAPPENS, if user clicks on "Unlike This" ??  

Does it then change back to "Do you like this idea" ???

Does this think count numbers of likes / unlikes ?

If so, it does not SHOW the vote tally.  (So then what's the point of it???)

If it DOES, then it must be assuming that the vote is for UNLIKE by default ???  So does every post that gets read automatically get one UNLIKE vote if someone views it WITHOUT clickoing on the thing?

Just FYI -- This is IMO a VERY dumb design. (Not IMHO - because I'm actually a professional Ph.D. usability specialist, a human factors psychologist).   It has very poor usability.  (I know that YOU (surfulater) did not design this - it's some off-the shelf forum, so this criticism is not directed at you, but as a user, you should tell the vendor that its a dumb design).

It should instead just have a 2-choice radio button type either-or mechanism in the first place -- e.g., 

Like This / Don't Like

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