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Viewing Surfulater database on other devices?

I am researching for an upcoming trip and have saved many web pages in a Surfulater database. I'd like to view this information on an iPad or my Android tablet as I do not intend to bring my notebook computer along. Short of printing every Surfulater article as a PDF, is there a graceful way to export this info? I've tried exporting as a Web Knowledge Base, but this is extremely limited: it'll only work in the published directory and only under Firefox (IE too?). No Chrome! And there use to be a feature to export as an MHTML file, but I can't find that anymore. Don't know if it would have worked on an iPad anyway.

I know that this falls into Neville's thoughts about developing a Cloud-based solution for Surfulater. I was just wondering if there's anything I can do in the meantime.



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